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Tennis Cruise: The Cure For The Boring Vacation Syndrome


Tennis enthusiasts can now have it all when it comes to their cherished vacation time- cruise to exotic locations and play on fabulous courts , “schmooze” and share pina coladas with tennis celebrities, and attend world class professional tournaments such as the US Open in New York and the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami.


Hauppauge, NY---August 26, 2009. If you're tired of the same old vacation routine, Tennis Cruise is about to launch a vacation package that may put an extra hop in your step.

Bob Lovinger, Founder of Tennis Cruise, has joined forces with travel giants Cruise Planner/American Express and Royal Caribbean to put together, as he puts it, “a dream experience that is guaranteed to cure “Boring Vacation Syndrome”. This idea came about as Lovinger tried to satisfy his thirst for tennis and his family's desire for relaxation all in one vacation.

According to Lovinger, Tennis Cruise was developed by a tennis fan for tennis fans. “ My family and I love cruising but it killed me to spend my precious vacation time without a tennis racket in my hand,” he said, “ and I also had to factor in the time I needed to attend my favorite professional tournaments, particularly the US Open.” For the tennis “junky”, Tennis Cruise has managed to figure it all out.

Lovinger and his team have put together a formula that works for the true tennis fanatic as well as members of his or her traveling party that might not be such fans. According to Lovinger, a cruise is the perfect vehicle to act as the focal point for their vacations. “It's almost impossible for someone not to have a great time on a cruise. It really doesn't matter what your interests are, there is something for everyone”.

While on the cruise, the tennis fan can participate in planned tennis themed events or do anything else that the ship has to offer. “As a veteran of cruising, I understand the dynamic of a cruise vacation. Families and vacationers traveling together often like to have their shared time as well as their together time. It's really the only vacation I know of where spending time apart and having a good time separately is acceptable.” Lovinger adds.

Each Tennis Cruise will include one or two celebrities from the tennis world who will share their experiences and insights. Some, will even participate in clinics while on land. At the conclusion of the cruise, packages will be made available for the tennis fans to attend the professional tennis tournaments for as many days as they wish. Provisions can even be made for members of the traveling party that have no interest in attending the matches.


For 2010, Tennis Cruise has put together two packages, one that coincides with the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami that takes place in late March and early April and the US Open in New York that takes place in late August and early September. They are planning six cruise packages for 2011.

Lovinger says that he will open up the reservation desk within the next 30 days but space will be extremely limited on these initial offerings.

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